How to Submit YOUR photos and insights

Welcome! This is YOUR community! And it’s like Christmasa present has arrived at many of your doorsteps. A box … a large box … a HUGE box … a REALLY huge box! It’s like a wonderful Christmas present. And what do you do after receiving your present?


And so I have set up this website to automatically allow you to share YOUR photos, YOUR videos and YOUR thoughts and insights (and questions!). And it is as easy! (compared to a “dice check”)

Just send an EMail to the automated website email address and 3 minutes later you have shared with the Vanguard community!

Please do not post this email address anywhere (if it gets abused I will change it).

To share… just do this:

  1. Open your EMail system and create a new EMail. Address it to:
  2. Then type in the SUBJECT of your EMail.
    This will become the TITLE of your article you are sharing!
  3. Then type your thoughts, insights, questions, stories about ISS Vanguard.
    These all become your article you are sharing.
  4. If you made a YouTube video, you can include a link to that video in with your article text!
  5. If you have photos to share, just attach them to the EMail
    They will automatically be viewable at the end of your article and the first one will become the LARGE article header
  6. Then just SEND your EMail
  7. Wait 3 minutes, then check to see if your article looks OK.

If you need it modified, just send a note to me and I will fix it for you (use the CONTACT ME page)
=> Contact Me

Thanks for Sharing! And I hope you have a Merry Christmas (3 months early)!

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